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What is Trichology?

Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp. Asha's Trichology Center offers a special menu for clients that need a deeper study of their scalp and a little more attention for troubled areas in regards to their hair and their overall health. Click the link below to schedule your personal treatment plan using our trichology services.

Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen treatment is used to boost the body’s natural hair growth for healthier hair and scalp. Revitalizes and strengthens hair bulbs. The treatment helps to clean pores of bacteria and fungus that may inhibit hair growth.

What is...

Scalp Exfoliation

Like an exfoliator for the face, it sloughs away all the dead skin and product buildup on the scalp. Clearing the follicle allowing hair to grow freely. The scalp is the soil from which the hair grows.

Blood Type Dieting

is how we create a healthy balanced body, thus creating a healthy head of hair. Your hair is fed directly from your blood stream. Every blood type has foods that it benefits more from than others.

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